Fandom Events:

MonsterCon's Game Day:
New Event - January 31st, 2015

MonsterCon's Game Day - January 31

Con Cafe @ Orchard Place:
138 Webber Rd, Gaffney, SC 29341

Con Cafe

Kissin' the Carolinas Music Expo
New Event - March 1st, 2015

Coming Soon

Haunt the Carolinas
New Event - April, 2015

Coming Soon


Current South Carolina tax laws are placing an undue burden on special event promotors, and are negatively impacting participation of traveling merchants, which is damaging to our local economies. The end result is an extreme loss of other taxable revenues that far exceed what they are trying to collect.

Help us make a change in the way South Carolina treats convention and expo events by signing this petition.




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